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Technology & Innovation

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Technology innovation is one key area of focus for VisionGreenwood. Closing the gap on digital infrastructure by providing high-speed internet to underserved communities remains a priority that our community cannot afford to fall behind in an ever-changing global economy.

By ensuring every Greenwood resident and business has broadband access, we set up our community for success.


What is broadband?

  • Broadband provides high-speed internet access.
  • Broadband is more reliable and is faster than dial-up internet access.

Why is broadband an area of focus for VisionGreenwood?

Broadband is one technology innovation that will allow us to keep our community connected. Several areas in our community exist where the internet is unreliable and broadband connectivity is not available. VisionGreewood’s goal is to identify these areas and bridge the broadband gap in our community. In addition to supporting business growth, community development, and education, bringing broadband to all corners of Greenwood will lay the groundwork for our community’s future success.

How does broadband impact our community?

  • Education: Allow K-12, college, and post-graduate students to learn remotely in virtual classrooms
  • Employment: Provide employers the ability to allow employees to telecommute or work remotely.
  • Healthcare: Allow doctors and patients to connect virtually through Telehealth.
  • Local Economic Impact: Allow small local businesses to more easily reach their customers and provide e-commerce options.
  • Public Safety and Emergency Response: Allow safety personnel and first responders the ability to communicate as needed in a timely manner.

Fun Facts About Broadband

Research indicates that access to broadband could improve job growth for rural communities by up to 1.4 percent and also increase the number of businesses within a rural community by 1.2 percent.

Rural small businesses increased gross sales by 17.2% through digital technology during the previous three years. This reflects $69.8 billion annually, according to the U.S. Chamber Technology Engagement Center and Ipsos.

Broadband Task Force

What are the responsibilities of the broadband task force?

The task force is working on a solution that will bring broadband connectivity to all areas of Greenwood.

  • The task force is working to acquire both federal and state resources that will allow us to meet this goal.
  • The task force is working toward this goal alongside the South Carolina Department of Regulatory Office and various community partnerships.

Broadband Task Force Members

  • South Carolina State Senator Billy Garrett, Chairman

Over 23 leaders from city and county government, The Upper Savannah Council of Governments, state legislators, network & utility providers, higher educational institutions, healthcare representatives, industry leaders, and school administrators make up the VisionGreenwood Broadband Task Force.


Technology Action Plan

  • The broadband task force is in the process of acquiring funding for a broadband assessment plan. This will be an essential first step in determining the best approach to providing the most reliable and cost-effective way to expand broadband connectivity in Greenwood currently.
  • The broadband task force is also developing a technology action plan that will include all aspects of technology for the future, including 5G, Satellite, and cybersecurity for the community. A solid approach to cybersecurity will help protect our residents and local businesses from digital attacks, allowing us to maintain normal business operations and continued economic prosperity.
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