Community & City Retail Recruitment

Community & City Retail Recruitment

VisionGreenwood recognizes the importance of our community and the continued growth and vibrancy of Uptown Greenwood. This is why we have several community enhancement plans in development.

Retail Development

VisionGreenwood has a long-standing history of reinvesting in the Greenwood community. We will enhance Uptown Greenwood by:

  • Developing alliances
  • Renewing plans
  • Focusing on key opportunities

Our goal is to identify projects that have a positive impact on our community and its residents.

Buxton Retail Study

VisionGreenwood funded the Buxton Retail Study in 2019 as a means to support retail development in Greenwood. We will continue to partner with the City of Greenwood to make this plan a reality. The study identified 20 new businesses that were a match for Uptown Greenwood and the surrounding areas.

As we move forward with the Buxton Retail Study, we will continue to collaborate with the City of Greenwood on an available building inventory in Uptown Greenwood.

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