Community Education

Community Education

VisionGreenwood is partnering with Lander University and the G. Frank Russell Technology Center (RTC) to enhance workforce and community development in our area.

In partnership with Lander University, VisionGreenwood will establish gap funding to enable students with 90 credit hours or more to complete their degree.

In partnership with the RTC, VisionGreenwood will support the creation of a tiny house project as part of an existing building construction program.

The goal is to provide students with hands-on training to help develop skill-based workers. This long-term successful program will then serve to feed and sustain much needed trade-based jobs in our community.

Lander University Scholarship Program

VisionGreenwood is partnering with Lander University to establish scholarships to ensure more affordable access to higher education for Greenwood County residents who are eager to finish their education goals.

This program, A Pathway to Advancement, will be particularly beneficial for stop-outs, which are students in good academic standing who decide to discontinue their education for financial reasons. Many stop-outs are only a few courses shy of finishing their program. A Pathway to Advancement will help these students complete the remaining hours of coursework needed to earn their degree.


  • 25% - Greenwood County residents reported to have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 3,500 – Number of Lander University alumni who reside in Greenwood County
  • 57 – Number of stop-outs living in Greenwood County that Lander University has identified

RTC’s Building Construction Program and Tiny House Project

Supporting workforce education is vital to the growth and success of Greenwood. Trade-based jobs offer students work that pays well and is in demand without them acquiring college debt.

VisionGreenwood is partnering with RTC to propose a hands-on training program in which students have the opportunity to build a tiny house. This will help generate interest in the trade, develop much needed trade workers, and create a long-term successful program to sustain trade-based jobs. The initial tiny house will then be actioned off to create a recurring fund stream for the next decade of construction training.

G. Frank Russell Technology Center, Building Construction Program

What is the G. Frank Russell Technology Center?

The G. Frank Russell Technology Center (RTC) is preparing students to be career and life ready by getting them actively involved in obtaining career and technical skills. The RTC covers a variety of educational areas, including automotive, biomedical science, building construction, computer programing, cosmetology, culinary arts, early childhood education, finance/accounting, health science, manufacturing, and engineering.

What is the current problem facing Greenwood?

Greenwood has many talented trade workers that provide service to our local residents and businesses. Unfortunately, many of these skilled individuals are nearing retirement, and few students are stepping into these essential roles.

Skill-based trades such as carpentry, masonry, and electrical work are essential for our community. VisionGreenwood is focused on generating more interest in RTC’s building construction classes and increasing student attendance.


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